49 Lightroom Mobile Presets: All in One Pack

499.00 49.00


All in One Pack includes a total of 49 Lightroom Mobile & Desktop presets.


After you complete the payment you will immediately have the option to download the zip file from the final purchase page. You will also receive an email with the download link.



Fantasy Portraits

Brown and Black

Snow Mountain

Faded Portraits

Artistic Blue

Green Mountains


Moody Urban

Faded Cinematic

This pack includes the following 49 Presets:

  1. Powerless
  2. Vintage Black & White
  3. Fantasy Portraits
  4. Faded Portraits
  5. Comfy Warm
  6. Blue Birds
  7. Green Mountains
  8. Presetly Pool
  9. Presetly Snow Mountain
  10. Presetly Lakeside
  11. Presetly Street Fashion
  12. Presetly Retro Vibe
  13. Presetly White Pearl
  14. Presetly Thunder
  15. Presetly Beach
  16. Presetly Artistic Blue
  17. Presetly Moody Portrait
  18. Presetly Faded Cinematic
  19. Presetly Brown and Black
  20. Presetly Moody Urban
  21. Presetly Cinematic
  22. Presetly Gray
  23. Joy
  24. Presetly Cozy
  25. Vintage
  26. Presetly Warm and Teal
  27. Peter Mckinnon Inspired
  28. Toni Mahfud Inspired
  29. Moody Orange and Teal
  30. Bright and Pink
  31. Instagram Fashion Blogger
  32. Moody Black
  33. Coffee
  34. Grainy Vintage
  35. Green and Black
  36. Orange and Teal
  37. Yellow and Black
  38. Teal and Black
  39. Hazel Brown
  40. Winter
  41. Presetly Pink Lemonade
  42. Brown and Teal
  43. Rose Gold
  44. Presetly Orange and Black
  45. Presetly Little Faded & Muted Green
  46. Presetly Really Dark
  47. Presetly Not Just Dark
  48. Presetly Red and Green
  49. Presetly Really Green


  1. Once you have downloaded the Zip File. Launch Lightroom Mobile App.
  2. Go to “Presets” and click on the three-dotted menu(shown in Screenshot).
  3. Now choose “Import Presets” and simply select the zip file that you have downloaded.
  4. Done. These presets will be added to your Lightroom Mobile App.

Install XMP Presets in Lightroom Mobile

NOTE: For iPhone users and those who do not have import options, they will have to unzip the file first and then install them using the following methods.

  1. Install DNG Presets
  2. Install XMP Presets