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Lightroom is an amazing photo-enhancing software by Adobe. It’s a splendid alternative to Adobe’s own Photoshop. So, what’s so great about Lightroom? You get to include customized presets which further improves your photo. Considering all the hype around the PC software, Lightroom Mobile was released for Android and iOS, setting a standard for other photo-editing apps. In addition, Lightroom can also be used to click photos. Various other DNG presets can also be used to apply an effect on your photos. An easy to use application with various presets, we will tell you about another one of Lightroom’s preset which will make give your photo an ever-green feel.

Known as Moody Green, this Lightroom preset pops the green tone in your images. This can also be used to color pop the photos, which makes your photos stand out. Do you love the environment and click a lot of landscape images while traveling? Using this preset will make the green in your images look greener.

Keep in kind that Moody Green preset works uniquely with different images. The output of the preset’s effect will be based on the colors, tones, lighting, etc. of the image you want to edit. To give the image depth, manipulate the exposure, contrast, white balance, shadows, highlights, whites, and blacks, etc. Those looking to give their skin the ‘tan’ or a saturated look, play with Saturation and Luminance of Orange color which can be found in Color Mix Tool.

As already mentioned, this preset will work wonders if you are a travel photographer. Moreover, if you tweak your images with this preset, keeping social media in mind (especially Instagram), your photos will look exceptional.

Download Moody Green and impress your fellow photographers and followers alike.

How to download Moody Green Lightroom Mobile Presets?

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