7 Practical Steps to Get More Likes On Instagram; Get 100% Organic Likes

Want to get more likes on Instagram posts? I am sure that you might have heard about that many times but didn’t get the result you expected. No worries. Here, in this article, we have picked the 7 best techniques that will help you fetch more likes. The process of getting more likes is not that complicated as you might think as all you need to do is strategize on how you increase engagement with your target audiences.

In this article, we have listed down the 7 best techniques that will help you get an influx of likes on your post and build engagement with target audiences. Before we step in to brief these techniques, I would like to make it clear that we have not discussed any shortcut or illegal methods to get more reach. At the end, you will learn how to get users like your content through the workings of Instagram’s algorithm. So, without any further ado, let us begin to learn more about these techniques.

7 Practical Steps to Get More Likes On Instagram; Get 100% Organic Likes

1. Post-High-Quality Content

Uploading normal content on Instagram will no longer work if you want to make it stand out amongst others. If you are one of those who believe in uploading photos without any editing done then you should stop doing that as it will not help you fetch more likes.

Get More Likes On InstagramYou can use Snapseed, Lightroom, VSCO or any other photo editing app to enhance the quality of your photo. The width of your photos and videos should not exceed 1080pixels or else Instagram will compress the same. Moreover, start uploading videos as Instagram gives more preference to content uploaded in the form of videos.

Best Instagram image/video size:

  • Square images/videos: 1080px by 1080px (1:1 aspect ratio)
  • Landscape images/videos: 1080px by 608px (1.91:1 aspect ratio)
  • Portrait images/videos: 1080px by 1350px (4:5 aspect ratio)

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2. Aim for consistency, not frequency

Most of the time, we don’t post regularly and that causes the engagement and followers count on our account to decrease. So it is necessary that you give more preference to consistency and not frequency. For instance, if you are planning to upload one post per week then maintain the same throughout.

Posting content consistently on Instagram will help you gain more engagement as well as likes. For this, plan a schedule and follow it genuinely and once you start posting consistently, your account will get recognized by the Instagram algorithm. This will ultimately help you grow your followers as they will get to know more about your brand.

3. Optimize your posts for maximum reach

It is truly important that you optimize your posts properly. For that, you need to write great captions, tag people and add location. I agree that writing a good caption isn’t that easy but if you want to maximize your organic reach, you have to write an engaging caption. While writing a caption, try to invoke a feeling and make your post more informative. There is no optimal length for writing a caption but try to keep your caption 100-150 characters long and avoid writing less important content.

Start utilizing the tag feature if you are not as tagging people, brands and relevant can help you get more visibility and engagement.

Location tagging not only benefits businesses but individuals too. They work the same as hashtags. People can see your location whenever they search for a phrase or Keyword and this will eventually lead more users to your profile.

4. Use Relevant Hashtags to boost your post engagement and reach

Hashtags are considered to be an effective way to increase engagement and gain more followers. Around 100 million posts get shared on Instagram each day and therefore it becomes difficult for the popular photo-sharing platform to deliver pertinent content to users.

However, if you use relevant hashtags, then your post will definitely reach the target audiences. Also, don’t use irrelevant hashtags as it will lead you to people who might be not interested in viewing your content. It is important to note that it is the accuracy and quality of the hashtags you use and not the number. To sum it up, I will suggest you to use 10-15 relevant hashtags.

5. Post on right time

Let me make it clear first, there isn’t a predefined time to post on Instagram as it varies from brand to brand. Before starting with this, shift your account to either creator or business account. Launch Instagram and tap the menu icon present at the top corner. Once you select the insights option, you will come across 3 tabs – Content, Activity, Audience. Over here, you need to select your audience and when you scroll down the page, you will get all the information related to time in the followers’ section.

After analyzing your audience, you can decide on what time would be best for you to post. If you are from India, you can post between 6-9 pm as this will lead you to more organic reach. So it would be best if you decide to post when your maximum audience is active.

6. Engage with your audience and ​with similar accounts in your industry

If you want to raise a genuine and engaging audience, you’ll have to reply to every comment and DMs. You can even ask questions, conduct a quiz or go live on Instagram to increase engagement with your audience. Also, like and comment on other users’ posts too as it will help you interact with them.

Don’t just like and comment on any post that you come across as Instagram gives more preference to quality audiences. So start reciprocating your followers by replying to them and increase the engagement with your target audience.

7. Join Active and Genuine Engagement Groups

The initial hour after you post is of utmost importance as if your post gets sufficient engagement within that hour, your account will get recognized by the Instagram algorithm. This will ultimately display your post to maximum followers. Also, join active engagement groups that are related to your niche.


These were the 7 best techniques that will help you get more likes on Instagram account. Once you start following the aforementioned techniques, you will see your account grow organically. Also, don’t trust any fraud agency or apps that assure you to get more likes as once you stop investing in these agencies, you will find your Instagram account lose both engagements as well as followers.

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