I am new to presetly. Tell me everything that i need to know.

What is Presetly?

Presetly helps photographers, Models,  fashion bloggers and everyone who is looking for presets that they can use on their photos for free.

What is the license of the presets on Presetly?

All presets uploaded on Presetly are licensed under the Presetly license. This means you can use them for free if they are available for free for both personal and commercial purposes. 

For more information read the following questions, our license page.

Can I use the presets for a commercial project?

Yes, all presets that are free can be used for commercial use. You can use them on your commercial photos, personal photos or anywhere else. 

Can I sell Presetly’s presets?

You can’t sell presets licensed under the Presetly License. You can only sell them if you edited, modified or otherwise added value to the presets. And you’re not allowed to sell or upload them on other platforms who are offering presets.

Do I need to mention the source of the presets everytime i use it to edit my photos?

No, you don’t need to mention the source, attribution is not required. We are always happy if you mention our name and link to our website. If you are sharing your photos on Instagram, Facebook or any other social media platforms, you can tag us or you can use #presetly