About Presetly

Smartphone cameras have become more common than a DSLR. So much so that some smartphones bear the ‘smartphone-camera’ moniker. The story doesn’t end there; we click photos and need to upload it on social media. This is where photo editing comes in. Adobe rules this realm, hands-down! Although there isn’t a proper Photoshop app for Android or iOS, Adobe Lightroom comes oh-so-close!

If you have used Lightroom for Mobile before, you know what I’m referring to. The app offers every single thing an editor needs; doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or an Instagram star. Though the premium version for every app has always been great, Lightroom’s free one isn’t a slouch. It is known for its presets and while they are amazing, they are notably less. Presets make the editing process a little quicker and easier but not always perfect. Unlike for a desktop, only a few sites offer free presets on the internet. So, we have found a simple solution that will increase that number, depending on what suits you.

This solution is called Preset.ly. It’s a website created specifically for Lightroom presets, thus solving the difficulty of finding high quality free presets. The main idea behind it was to provide free Lightroom Mobile presets of various kinds using simple tricks for installation. By tricks, we don’t mean rooting or jail-breaking your device; but the installation requires just a few more steps as compared to downloading an app in the App/Play Store.

First and foremost, you will have to decide whether you want to go for DNG or XMP presets. You might be thinking, what are these? Let me explain! Also called a sidecar, the XMP (Extreme Memory Profiles) file rides alongside the photo. This sidecar contains the metadata, the keywords and the adjustments made to an image. But, Lightroom by default does not automatically write to the sidecars into the folder containing your images. DNG (Digital Negative) files contain all of the metadata, keywords, and adjustments. This is the main reason why people opt for DNG files as they only have to deal with only 1 file. After reading this, you can choose your file type and download the below-outlined free Lightroom Mobile presets.

Keep in mind adding XMP presets on iOS devices is very tricky. DNG presets work on both iOS and Android. Installing these presets is super-easy, so no worries there! Presetly’s collection is menial but not its effect. We offer Orange & Teal, Rose Gold 1, Black & Orange Muted Green, Little Faded & Muted Green, Not Just Dark, Red and Green, Really Green, Moody Green, and Moody Dark.

Orange & Teal is perfect for portraits, outdoor, travel, and even for fashion & modeling. Add that faded cinematic orange & teal to your images with this preset. Rose Gold gives a, you guess it, rose gold look. It is perfect for portrait, fashion, outdoor, travel, lifestyle, and nature. This preset also turns all yellows and oranges into rose gold color.

Black & Orange Muted Green is perfect for outdoor, travel, portraits and even for landscapes. This preset puts focus on you and gives the background a darker shade. Little Faded & Muted Green is perfect for portraits, outdoor, travel, and even for fashion & modeling. You can add that elegant yet faded cinematic orange & teal to your images with this preset.

Not Just Dark gives a moody dark look to your photos. It highlights the shadows or blacks in your photo for that enigmatic look. This preset also adds the background silence to your photos. Red and Green is perfect for outdoor, travel, lifestyle, nature and even for portraits. This preset adds red and green vibe to all your photos. The last free Lightroom Mobile preset is Really Green which is perfect for outdoor, travel, and even for portraits. This preset adds a green vibe to all your photos. Find an image that offers more green colors for a perfect output.

We will keep adding more premium quality presets on Presetly for free. All the presets work on Android and iOS devices but as mentioned above, iOS users should opt for DNG presets by default as installing XMP would be complex.